Michael Snetzer


FMichael graduated from SMU with a BS in Economics with Financial Applications and minor in Computer Science in 1991. He had a successful 10-year career in Commercial Real Estate Finance./p>

Regrettably, there was another life of addiction lurking just beneath the surface, which landed him in a drug treatment center in South Texas in December 1999. Recently divorced, severely addicted and depressed, it was there that Jesus stepped in and changed the orientation and trajectory of Michael’s life.

Michael returned home and received a Masters in Counseling from Dallas Baptist University and later joined The Village Church, where he started their Recovery ministry in 2004. During that same time, Michael began a counseling practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor doing biblical counseling. In 2007 he was hired as the Recovery and Reconciliation Pastor of The Village Church. He currently works part-time at North Texas Christian Counseling in addition to his full-time responsibilities at the church.

Today, Michael enjoys life with his family. He married Sonia in April of 2007. He has three children, McKenna Paige (1994), Ava Micah (2008) and Greyson Michael (2010).

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